Jose Miguel Velasquez

Jose Miguel Velasquez has loved music since he was a child. In his native Caracas, he participated in choir and gaita folk music groups at school, and decided to learn to play several instruments, including the Venezuelan cuatro, drums and piano.

From age 13 to 20 he worked as a DJ, and he earned national recognition on several occasions. Experimenting with music, he was attached to electronic and rock music from a very young age, since at age 16 he decided to start a punk rock band with his friends called “Toque de Queda”, in which he was keyboard player and wrote most of the group´s. He was later invited to participate in the internationally recognized ska group “Desorden Público”.

In those days, something that really caught Jose Miguel Velasquez’s attention was singing human voice, which he decided to study in great depth. He spent years developing a technique that allowed a singer to sing naturally and develop their entire vocal range without stressing the vocal chords and without losing the unique, individual sound of each student.

This technique he developed has led him to be the vocal coach of stars like: Ricky Martin, Shakira, David Bisbal, El Puma, Enrique Iglesias, Tommy Torres, Rocio Durcal, Shaila Durcal, Sofia Vergara, Black Tide, Jaime Camil, Gloria Trevi, Carlos Ponce, Jorge Villamizar, Beatriz Luengo, Yotuel, Rayito, Kike Santander, Obie Bermudez, Jennifer Peña, Jaci Velasquez, Boni y Kelly, Amaury Gutierrez, Eduardo Verastegui, Oscar de la Hoya, Karyme Lozano, Beangel, Christian Daniel, Los Montaner, Natalia Oreiro, Emanuel Ortega, Giselle, Shalim, Paulina Rubio, Oscar Quijano (Café Quijano), Neven Ilic, Franco, Lola Ponce, and the list goes on and on…

Jose Miguel Velasquez flew from Rio de Janeiro to Miami in 1995, having been hired to write the music for a children’s astrology book. After a few weeks, he was reunited with his friend and student Kike Santander, who invited him to a recording at Emilio Estefan’s studios who, by chance or by fate, happened to need a vocal coach. He made such a good impression on Emilio Estefan that he was offered an exclusive contract as writer and producer.

That was the beginning of a career full of hits and recognition, with multiple Grammy Awards nominations, two BMI Awards and recently a Latin Grammy for his role as Recording and Mixing Engineer on Gilberto Santa Rosa’s album.

It’s worth noting that these nominations were given for his role as composer and producer, including the songs “Lloraré las penas” and “Desnúdate mujer” by David Bisbal, “Jaleo” by Ricky Martin, “Mi corazón” by Jaci Velasquez, and “Mal acostumbrado” by Fernando Villalona.

In 1998, Jose Miguel Velasquez composed the presidential campaign song for Andres Pastrana. The song was well-received by the Colombian people, and was an excellent contribution to the winning campaign.

Likewise, he wrote several songs for television shows and telenovelas. It’s worth pointing out that the song “No me rendiré”, interpreted by Jaci Velasquez and Pablo Portillo, was among the top 15 songs on Billboard’s Latin Pop charts. It was also the musical theme of the hit reality shows produced by Telemundo Network USA in 2002, “Protagonistas de novela” and “Protagonistas de la música”, in which Jose Miguel Velasquez participated as vocal coach.

The telenovela “Catalina y Sebastián” on TV Azteca used one of Jose Miguel Velasquez’s songs, interpreted by Ana Grabriel, called “No a pedir perdón” as its theme song.

The theme song of the hit Univision telenovela “Soñar no cuesta nada”, with the same name, was composed by Jose Miguel Velasquez and interpreted by Karyme Lozano.

More recently, the telenovela “Siempre tuya Acapulco” used the song “Como decirte”, interpreted by Daniel Elbittar.

Finally, the song “Desnudo” was the love theme of the young couple in the telenovela “Marido en alquiler”, broadcast by Telemundo Network in the United States.

Today, he has his own hybrid recording/mixing studio which, apart from being the top choice of many of the stars mentioned earlier, is the refuge where Jose Miguel Velasquez writes and produces his next hits in peace and harmony.